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Physician Credentialing

Attention to Detail

We at Choice RCM offer Physician credentialing services, helping Providers achieve better revenues. Our tailor-made provider credentialing services facilitate the payer enrollment process when a Physicians

  • Begin the first practice after Med school

  • Change from one Practice to another

  • Adding New Physician to an existing Group

  • Want to become enrolled with a new Payer

We ensure that your credentialing application gets the attention it deserves and enable the provider to bill the claims at the earliest.


Expert Service

At Choice RCM, we understand the importance of insurance eligibility verification.

  • Help in reducing our clients’ revenue cycle

  • Minimize delays and denials considerably

  • Improve collections by reducing write-offs

Choice RCM delivers a thorough verification, thereby aiding dramatic reduction of the clients’ accounts receivable cycle.

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Patient Demographics & Charge Entry

Swift and Accurate

Choice RCM, enters information quickly and accurately which is highly essential in ensuing that this critical issue is timely resolved for the success of ensuring clean claims and high productivity.

  • Charges are entered in to the client’s medical billing system based on account specific rules.

  • The pending or held documents are sent to the client for clarification, on a pre-determined schedule.

  • The final charges are audited by the Quality team and the clean claims are sent for transmission.

The team at Choice RCM do not just do pure data entry but provide value addition. In fact, if the team find an issue with the super-bill at the time of entry, the charge entry for that super-bill is put on hold and a clarification is sought from the client before entering the charges.

Medical Coding

Professionalism & Precision

Our experienced and well-trained coders are proficient in providing the following medical coding services:

  • ICD-9-CM, CPT-4, HCPCS coding, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-AM medical coding

  • Chart Audits and Code Reviews

  • Offshore coding audits

  • Payer specific coding requirements

Precision and accuracy in medical coding methodology produces consistency and eliminates the risk of errors. Choice RCM clients who outsource medical coding services will also receive regular feedback on any coding guideline changes and coding-related denial analysis.

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Payment Posting

Timely & Accurate

At Choice RCM, payments received from patients & insurance companies are posted to the patients accounts in the client's medical billing system.

The posted payments are balanced against the deposit slips to ensure accuracy in payment. The payment posters also check for any under payment being made to the accounts.

We also do electronic posting of payments in to the medical billing software and ensure that the EOB files are stored for future references.

Account Receivables

Expert Service

At Choice RCM, our Accounts receivables management function is designed to be the complete solution to difficulties that occur in your cash flows and is operated as an extension of your business section.

The goal here is to recover the funds owed to you as quickly as possible by continuously work on identifying and improving processes that can improve efficiencies at each step of healthcare revenue cycle management while meeting the industry's best practices.

Choice RCM also undertakes clean-up of old Accounts Receivables. Many a time, practices and Facilities have accumulated unresolved Accounts Receivables either through lack of proper AR follow-up due to lack of manpower.

Choice RCM team analyze the various accounts receivable reports provided by the client and determine strategies to work on the AR management strategy. The strategies are developed and executed, so that there is reduction of the bad debts and AR collections are maximized.

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